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The telecom industry is changing daily, with significant advances in technology, mergers, deregulation, new specifications and competitive pressures. Telecom companies must be able to adopt rapidly t
ITTC facilitates economic growth in Kansas through the transfer of know-how and inventions to existing industry and start-up companies. The Center`s technical focus is on advancing knowledge
Many studies have shown that adopting new information and telecommunication technologies can have a profound influence on a company`s productivity and competitiveness. This book focuses on the prime
Telecommunication Services is responsible for all aspects of telecommunication at Samford University, including setting up long-distance calling, billing, adding call-waiting, producing the telephone
The Telecommunication and Network Services Group (TNS) mission is to effectively deliver quality communication services to our customers and fulfill our stewardship role for institutional communicatio
The competitive environment prevailing in the electronics, telecommunications and computer industries has resulted in the rapid deployment of advance technologies in Sri Lanka. Consequently, challengi
galaxyphones are pleased to announce that we are now able to make our Real Time Order Tracking system available to all of our customers.
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The United States Telecom Association is the nation's oldest and most influential trade association of its kind. For more than a century, USTelecom has represented the interests of service providers i