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These services are funded by contracts with the National Library of Medicine, a grant from the National Human Genome Research Institute, and other public and private sources. Web site has been develop
The Library of Congress is leading the Global Reference Network (GRN), a collective of libraries and librarians formed to provide professional input on issues such as digital reference
Thomson ResearchSoft, a business of the Thomson Corporation, is a division of Thomson Scientific. Thomson ResearchSoft and Thomson Scientific develop and market scholarly information and software is a multi-source dictionary search service produced by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC, a leading provider of language reference products and services on the Internet.
The MyFamily network of products and services provides the tools that enable people to discover who they are and where they come from.
Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a leading provider of learning and knowledge products. We're proud to be one of the world's most trusted sources of information on