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Looking to learn about fertility, pregnancy and its symptons, birth and all the stages of child development

If you've just discovered you're pregnant, it can be a daunting, yet exciting feeling, for new moms and experienced ones! Sometimes, you might be at a loss for information you might be interested in, or maybe you just want some useful help and advice, perhaps you have some really great help and advice to offer people, if so, these are surely reason enough to join us today.

If you've just discovered you're pregnant, you'll be starting on the journey of a lifetime, and you don't want to go through it alone. If you've ever been in the situation where you're the first of your friends to have a baby, it can be hard to find people you can comfortably talk about baby stuff with, or even just gain some valuable baby knowledge from, and this is where Babies Base comes in.

Our aim is to support all Mothers through their journey, whether it's their first or their third, because sometimes, no matter how many babies you've had, there will still be little feelings, little worries here and there, all sorts of new things you might want to talk about, and it can help you put your mind at ease discussing it with people who've been through it all before
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