Submitted 19th January 2006
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No win no fee is a 'meaningless' term to some people, but it's how solicitors work for personal injury cases. If you don't grasp the concept, then you can forget the final settlement cheque...Nonetheless it's a popular term used by personal injury solicitors.

There are advertisements all over the place, online and offline by solicitors and claim management companies. "If you lose, we won't charge you a penny" and many of the likes. But do you understand what it means...A solicitor will mention he or she will work on a no win no fee basis. In an instant you'll think, 'if the solicitor loses, I don't pay anything', which is correct. But what happens if the solicitor wins? That's right, there's a fee to pay. Not many people grasp this... they only think if they lose they don't need to pay. Majority of people think it's a free service. It's true... to a certain extent.