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We are an Internet marketing company based in Wales UK. The current Company was formed in 2003 bringing together the services of Digital Electronic Media UK, & Web Design Wales

The search engine world is changing, and with it brings more need than ever for search engine optimisation and having been involved in Internet and optimisation in Wales since 1999 we believe we offer a unique proven service in the following fields.

Search Engine Optimisation

This is the term used for ensuring that your website will be optimised for the search engines when they reply to a search. It is no chance that some web pages appear on the first page of the results, while others appear down below. If you want your website to appear near the top of the pile, then you need an internet marketing consultancy.

Search Engine Promotion

When your website is built and the website optimisation has been completed then it is time to let the search engines know it exists. Contrary to popular belief building a website and putting it on the internet will not ensure people will find it.

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