Submitted 16th November 2005
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The FFC is the Australian Government`s principal agency for funding the production of film and television in Australia. It is a wholly owned government company.

The government supports film and television production to ensure that Australians have the opportunity to make and watch their own screen stories. The FFC will only fund projects with high levels of creative and technical contribution by Australians , or projects certified under Australia`s Official Co-Production Program. To support diversity, the FFC funds the most expensive program formats: feature films, mini-series, telemovies and documentaries. Cheaper formats such as current affairs, serial drama and `infotainment` are fully financed by the market, whereas the more expensive formats would in many cases not be made without government assistance.
Since its establishment the FFC has invested in 920 projects with a total production value of $2.1 billion. The Government currently funds the FFC on a triennial basis and has committed to annual base funding of $50 million to 2006/07. In addition it has $10.0 million per year specifically for feature films and $10.5 million per year specifically for television drama. Supplementing its appropriation from Government are the revenues the FFC recoups from projects active in the marketplace. These funds are used each year to support the production of new film and television programs. All Australian film and television producers/production companies can apply to the FFC for funding. To be successful they must meet the criteria set out in the FFC`s Investment Guidelines, which are the major tool for communicating FFC policies and are revised each year in consultation with the industry.