Submitted 16th November 2005
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BAFT serves as a forum for analysis, discussion and action among international financial professionals on a wide range of topics affecting international trade and finance issues.

The Bankers` Association for Finance and Trade is a financial trade association whose membership represents a broad range of internationally active financial institutions and companies that provide important services to the global financial community. Because of its global focus and broad membership, BAFT plays a unique role in expanding markets worldwide, shaping public policy, and promoting practices that preserve the safety and soundness of the international financial system.
On June 22, 1921, a group of 10 bankers met to adopt articles of association for the Bankers` Association for Finance and Trade. The original "objects and purposes" of the association included: "provide a medium by which its members may interchange opinions and establish uniform systems and methods for the conduct of foreign business"; "to urge the passage of wise and useful legislation and to oppose the enactment of prejudicial laws"; and "to aid the development and maintenance of foreign trade". Today, BAFT`s role is little changed from the objectives laid out by the founders. BAFT continues to provide an educational and networking platform for its members and remains a catalyst in the development of solutions in international banking legislation and regulation. BAFT`s high-quality programs and conferences have allowed bankers from around the world to network, and to debate, discuss, and share issues of common interest and concern.