Submitted 16th November 2005
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For over 80 years, The New York Institute of Finance, and its sister company FT Knowledge, have been helping financial services companies and multinational corporations to learn and to lead.

Through our parent company, Pearson and its subsidiaries, including the Financial Times, we have unrivalled access to the best financial intellectual capital in the world and have trained over 600,000 business professionals. Our public courses offer a broad based curriculum covering all levels, in subjects ranging from accounting for financial instruments to yield curve analysis.
Taught by best in class industry practitioners, our courses combine academic rigor with an in-depth understanding of how business and finance work in the real world.
Our delegates come from all over the world. Our dynamic instructors, subject matter experts in their respective fields, facilitate lively discussions allowing each participant to share his insights and experiences with the class. Attending one of our courses in New York will give you an opportunity to learn best practices at different organizations and from different regions. Over half of our delegates are repeat students who are returning for another course. We are unique in the financial training marketplace. Our experience in financial training makes you the beneficiary. Our classes are more than just lectures and our instructors are more than just theories. Our courses are interactive with hands on case studies and exercises. Our instructors are passionate and highly experienced. We are recognized as a leader in financial training with a long standing reputation for excellence. Whether you are considering taking your career to the next level, enhancing existing skill sets or expanding your personal knowledge base, The New York Institute of Finance can help you achieve these goals.