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University of Wolverhampton -At the University of Wolverhampton we have invested millions to ensure we create a learning and living environment truly fit for the 21st Century.

Our ten Schools offer over 340 undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and further choice through our Joint Honours scheme. With the aim of preparing students for fulfilling careers, they are supported by the Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching and Graduate School.

Featuring hi-tech Learning Centres, top sports facilities, virtual learning environments and the largest wireless network in UK Higher Education, our facilities are designed to give students the study support they need - 24 hours a day. And our accommodation is rated some of the best value in the UK.

New health buildings, new sports developments, a new student village on Walsall Campus. The E-Innovations Centre for business start-ups and the latest, the New Horizons building itself all part of the ongoing New Horizons programme.
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