Submitted 22nd October 2005
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Consider the savings! Have you ever thought about how much money you can save by refinancing? These are just a couple of examples demonstrating how dramatic the savings can be with just a single percent drop in the rate you pay on your mortgage. The actual savings could be significantly more depending on the size of your loan, your current rate, and the rate a refinance lender might offer. It's worth a shot, AND you can take cash out during the refinance process to use for any purpose. Go ahead and apply with us to refinance today to start saving money!

Even if you have credit problems, you may qualify for a conventional mortgage. Mortgages are secured by collateral (your home), but you may receive a slightly higher inerest rate than someone with good or excellent credit. Types of mortgages include mortgages for first time buyers, refi, energy mortgage, interest only mortgage, fixed rate conventional (15 year, 30 year, etc) and adjustable rate (ARM). Other types of home loans include 2nd mortgage, vacation property (second home), 125 home equity or HELOC, and cash out refinance just to name a few. So, this remains an excellent time to refinance your mortgage loan. By refinancing, you may lower your monthly payments by taking advantage of lower interest rates than you are currently paying.