Submitted 19th October 2005
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Nothing goes better together than a wink and a smile—or so we've been told by those sappy love songs. So if you want to grab you're crush's attention, then start practicing a little lip/eye coordination. These faux lashes paired with a shimmered gloss will not only make your fellow take notice—he'll sing your praises! According to Troy Surratt, Maybelline New York's Global Consulting Makeup Artist, the shape of your face will help determine what kind of makeup works best for you. Play up your own unique beauty attributes with a few easy tips from Troy.

Breaking into the fashion industry is hard to do. But once you get the inside scoop, the rest is as smooth as a piece of suede. So if you want to wow the crowds with your creativity, check out this survival guide from GEN ART fashion consultant, Mary Gelhar. It's bound to get you headed on the right track—or make that the runway.

Finding the perfect perfume for fall can be a daunting task for anyone. Which is why this season French designer Christiane Celle is offering a sweet array of fragrances—think vanilla, mimosa, and jasmine—along with her usual.